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Angel Skin - Body Butter

Angel Skin - Body Butter

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Introducing our heavenly body butter, designed to cater to your skin's needs throughout all seasons. This luxurious formula combines a divine blend of nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and heavenly.

Harnessing the incredible healing powers of shea butter, enriched with high concentrations of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins, our body butter works diligently to achieve optimal skin health. It deeply moisturizes, providing intense hydration to combat dryness and promote a supple complexion.

Infused with the enriching properties of kokum butter, our formula goes the extra mile to heal dry and cracked skin. Its exceptional moisturizing capabilities aid in repairing and revitalizing your skin, restoring its natural radiance.

Fortified with vitamin E oil, abundant in skin-loving antioxidants, our body butter strengthens your skin barrier while minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This powerful ingredient promotes a healthier complexion and enhances your skin's overall resilience.

Completing our celestial blend is kukui nut oil, which effortlessly penetrates the deepest layers of your skin, forming a protective barrier against environmental damage. Packed with linoleic acid and omega-3, this oil helps soothe and calm your skin, reducing inflammation and promoting a serene complexion.

Indulge in the divine experience of our Angel Skin Body Butter as it hydrates and heals dry skin, caused by harsh elemental damage. Prepare yourself for an ethereal transformation, as your skin becomes irresistibly soft, just like an angel's touch.

Ingredientsshea butter, kokum butter, mango butter, sunflower oil, kukui oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, arrowroot powder, polyester-3, preservative, mica, fragrance

How to useJump out of the shower and smooth onto damp skin. A little goes a long way. Everyday use is recommended

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